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Medicare insurance plans are for people 65 or older — or for those who may qualify because of a disability or special condition. Sound like you?

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Waiving cost share for Medicare Advantage members for primary care and specialist office visits

For Medicare Advantage, Special Needs (SNP) and Group Retiree members, there will be $0 cost-sharing for specialist and primary care provider (PCP) services beginning May 11, 2020 until at least September 30, 2020. 

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UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare coverage for medical, prescription drugs, and other benefits like dental — and we offer the only Medicare plans with the AARP name. Here are the different types of medicare plans you can choose from — and what they cover.

Plan type What it covers
Original Medicare (Parts A & B)

Original Medicare, provided by the federal government, has two parts: Part A and Part B.

Original Medicare Part A helps pay for hospital stays, while Original Medicare Part B helps pay for doctor visits.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) are combined in one plan, and may include additional benefits beyond Original Medicare, like prescription drug coverage, dental, hearing and vision care.
Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP)

Dual Medicare Special Needs Plans are a type of Medicare Advantage plan for individuals who have both Medicare and Medicaid.

These plans offer benefits and features beyond Original Medicare, which might also include transportation assistance and prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Also called Medigap, these plans help cover some out-of-pocket costs not paid by Original Medicare.
Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) This plan helps pay for prescription drugs and can be used with Original Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans.

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Get fit with Renew Active™

Renew Active is a fitness program for body and mind. It’s exclusively available with UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans — at no additional cost.2

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  2. Renew Active: Participation in the Renew Active™ program is voluntary. Consult your doctor prior to beginning an exercise program or making changes to your lifestyle or health care routine. Renew Active includes standard fitness membership. Equipment, classes, personalized fitness plans, and events may vary by location.

    Certain services, classes and events are provided by affiliates of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or other third parties not affiliated with UnitedHealthcare. Participation in AARP® Staying Sharp and the Fitbit® Community for Renew Active is subject to your acceptance of their respective terms and policies. UnitedHealthcare is not responsible for the services or information provided by third parties. The information provided through these services is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice of a doctor. The Renew Active program varies by plan/area.

Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plan’s contract renewal with Medicare.